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For the Government to begin the process of lifting the lockdown they need to undertake more tests to understand what proportion of the UK public is immune and to ensure those most at risk can be protected.

As such, the Health Secretary Matt Hancock has announced that from 24 April 2020 essential workers, such as those in the food distribution chain and care workers, can apply to be tested online. Those who qualify as essential workers will be based on criteria similar to those used for deciding whose children can still attend school.

A scheme for employers to register for tests to ensure their staff are safe went live as of the 23 April, but essential workers and their relatives will be able to apply themselves as well from Friday.

The entire process will be free and results will be delivered via text. Those workers who cannot go online will be able to apply through their employer.

The tests will be conducted at more than 30 test sites across the UK and the Government hopes to soon be conducting 100,000 tests a day. Home testing kits will also be introduced, as well as mobile testing sites.

Details of how testing can be booked can be found by clicking here.

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