JW Hinks bids a fond farewell to Gary Ashmore


Gary Ashmore is a familiar name to our staff and clients, having spent seven and a half years contributing to JW Hinks’ success. An avid golfer and cyclist with a background in numerous other sports, Gary still enjoys walking the hills and dales. But his mind is just as active as his body – and many of our clients will recall times when Gary used it to their benefit.

Gary’s career began some 40 years ago when he trained with Austral Ryley, qualifying in 1983. He was made partner in the firm in 1986, and worked with a number of clients under its banner. JW Hinks “inherited” Gary when the two firms merged in 2012 – something which turned out to be very fortunate for us!

Gary has provided a wide range of accountancy services over his long career. But in his time with JW Hinks, he focussed on residential and commercial property service charge accounts, deepening a knowledge base that spans more-than 30 years. In his time with the firm, he helped multiple clients prosper, and led significant growth in his division at the firm.

What does life have in store for Gary now that he finds himself at the tail-end of a successful career? We asked the man himself: “I look forward to spending more time with my family, holidays, gardening, rambling, and playing a lot more golf!” But JW Hinks won’t be completely forgotten, and Gary sent “best wishes for continued growth and success to partners, staff, and clients” at the business.

It is this side of the business – the people – that Gary will miss: “My professional career has brought me into contact with many wonderful and interesting people, and that has made the years go by very fast.”

On behalf of everyone at JW Hinks, we want to wish Gary a wonderful retirement!

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